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The signature of a Stradivarius – Cynthia Closkey

Having read about the wonderful sound of a Stradivarius — and now finally having heard one played — I was interested by an article in Nature News (“Old violins reveal their secrets,” Phillip Ball) about efforts to uncover what gives the great violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri their special sound and cache.

Apparently, a study has identified “a measurable sound quality” that is unique and distinctly different from factory-made instruments.

Expectations – Cynthia Closkey

Saturday night’s concert was one heck of a show. If we were to give the PSO an evaluation for
the evening, I think we’d all agree they Exceeded Expectations.

That’s saying something. There was much to expect:

  • A new season
  • An orchestra chock-full of world-class musicians
  • A new musical director — one who’d been announced well over a year ago and who’d lately been featured in every major and minor media channel in the area
  • A full house on the second night of a weekend of sold-out performances
  • An acclaimed soloist playing an instrument worth $3.5 million or so, a violin so famous it has a name and a storied history all its own

It’s the kind of set-up that is so grand, so loaded that it’s hard to imagine the night will fulfill its promise.

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