FUSE@PSO: Tchaikovsky + Drake Photo Galleries

FUSE@PSO: Tchaikovsky + Drake Photo Galleries

The FUSE@PSO: Tchaikovsky + Drake on March 22 at Heinz Hall was an amazing concert with a sell-out crowd. It was wonderful seeing so many new faces in the hall, enjoying themselves at the concert, which featured some amazingly talented vocalists and the wonderful musicians of the PSO!

Check out these photos galleries of some of the FUSE patrons (most with our special guests at the Happy Hour — “Flat Tchaikovsky” and “Flat Drake”) and the great concert from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Conductor/FUSE@PSO Creative Director Steve Hackman! (And don’t forget to get your tickets for our next FUSE@PSO — Mash-Up Mix-Down with Time for Three on June 14!)

And many thanks to photographer Wade Massie for the wonderful photos!

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