Where Are We Today?

Where Are We Today?

Tonight’s concert at the Gasteig marked the end of four days of “travel & play” for the orchestra during this European Tour. A travel & play day is a day where the orchestra travels to a new city and plays a concert that same day. Sometimes that means the orchestra is only in a city for less than 18 hours. For four days the most common question heard around the breakfast table or bus or airport was “Where were we yesterday?” So where were we this week?

Basel, Switzerland:

Brussels, Belgium:

Stuttgart, Germany:

Munich, Germany (Day 1):

Tonight, we sleep in Munich and then tomorrow we wake up in Munich and play another concert in Munich (with a very special guest — Anne-Sophie Mutter). Everyone is excited to be in the same town for more than one day. On Sunday, the tour comes to an end with the orchestra heading home (or onto other singular destinations)! We’ll be back in Pittsburgh before we know it.

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