Mikhail Istomin: Clay Soldiers and a Day in Lindau

Mikhail Istomin: Clay Soldiers and a Day in Lindau

The day off in Lindau was so welcome after grueling many days of traveling and performing and it could not of been a better spot to relax, reflect and take in the beauty nature. Even the weather cooperated and turned out to be a spectacular day.

The night before, our concert in Bregenz Festspielehaus was a big success. I was not thrilled with the acoustics on stage, but Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra board member Michael Young told me that the sound in the house was very clear and balanced.

Just before the concert I went outside to take a look at the adjacent outdoor opera set. Now that was grand and simply amazing! Right now there is a construction going on of the set for Puccini’s Turandot — a larger than life installation right in the water of the lake, complete with an army of terracotta warriors, immense “brick” wall  and amazing sound system:

Search for these words in google: bregenz opera sets and you will find images that will stay with you for a while!

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