IMG_0301I was seated in a cafe right on the plaza in front of the Alte Oper before our concert in Frankfurt. (No, I was not drinking beer.. 🙂  Just having a cup of coffee…) An older gentleman at the next table asked me what time it was and when I answered in English he proceeded to tell me that he was about to go to hear Pittsburgh Symphony concert. He was visibly excited and kept talking about how great the orchestra is and that he had heard the Pittsburgh Symphony for the first time back in the ’90s with Lorin Maazel conducting Mahler’s 2nd symphony in the same hall.

I vividly remember that concert myself…For me it was one of those “high points.” One reason was that we had a great German choir performing with us. Hearing them sing behind us gave me goosebumps and many members of the orchestra were turning around, looking back with expressions of amazement on their faces. The beauty and power of that choir singing was absolutely outstanding.

At this point I told the gentleman that I am a cellist in the Pittsburgh Symphony and would be thinking of him as I performed the Tchaikovsky that night. We shook hands and parted like two people who knew each other for a long time. I thought to myself, this is amazing how people can be connected through music regardless of time and distance…

And speaking of capturing a moment of time…here is a video of beautiful Frauenkirche in Dresden I made a few days earlier.



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