Bob Lauver: Best Seat in the House

Bob Lauver: Best Seat in the House

horn playersI have said it before that I have the distinct honor and privilege to  have the best seat in the entire orchestra, positioned where I am so close to all our amazing winds and brass and right next to the most thrilling talented and fun horn player in the world, Bill Caballero. Being in this spot, I hear every solo in all the big repertoire, and dozens of times each…and Bill has a way of making each new time through a familiar piece as fresh as if you were hearing some new expression for the first time, perfect in every way.

Statistically speaking, Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony is probably the most played on tours since I joined the orchestra in 2000. It’s a crowd favorite, perhaps precisely for the 2nd (Andante Cantabile) movement that defines a horn’s lyrical sound and a player’s musical backbone. I’ve heard Bill play this movement in the “World’s Great Concert Halls” easily dozens of times, and still….last night’s version in the Musikverein somehow transcended them all (if it’s even possible). Bill, it is the highest honor and greatest privilege to be able to sit next to you and hear your artistry day in and day out, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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