A Day of Rest in Lindau

A Day of Rest in Lindau

panorama of harbor
As the sun sets over the picturesque city of Lindau, Germany, on this Memorial Day, the members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra finish their last day off before the busy final week of the tour.

This island town was the perfect quiet place to rest and recharge before pushing onto concerts in Basel, Switzerland, Brussels, Belgium, and Stuttgart and Munich, Germany.

Harbor at nighttimeLindau is a popular tourist attraction in Southern Germany, famous for its architecture and outdoor attractions such as cycling, sailing, hiking, swimming and camping. The island harbor boasts Bavaria’s only lighthouse and a large lion statue. The cobblestone streets are home to numerous shops, artisans and restaurants. Wandering the streets will bring you to several historic churches (including the Church of St. Peter that dates back to 1000), the historic town hall, the stadtmuseum (which currently hosts a lovely Pablo Picasso exhibition), the old book archive (with books from the 15th to 18th Century) and much more.

WolfeggA group of musicians, staff and trustees took a side trip to Schloss Wolfegg, a Renaissance castle that hosts the annual Internationale Wolfegger Konzerte festival, of which our very own Manfred Honeck has served as artistic director for 20 years!

Others had their own adventures around the region (one staff member visited the nearby zeppelin museum).

We are wishing all of our friends and fans back in the United States a very restful and happy Memorial Day of their own!

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