Hear the Pittsburgh Symphony Live at Heinz Hall just one more time

James MacMillen “Woman of the Apocalypse”
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Manfred Honeck, conductor

Naked Strings commence
Percussion joins
Dissonant Horns fledglings hatch
Piano transcends
Drums ravage common tempo
Trombone segway her entrance
Cello stumbles
Bells ascend
Bass girds
String screech like an owl
Trumpets enunciate
Big O notes from Trombones emancipate
Drums roll thunder
Slowness descends
Piano and woodwinds ripple
Xylophones harmonize
Trumpets Sustain
Violas Scarily announce
Trepidatiosly drumming
Cellos grind
Horns accent
Percussion train has arrived
Revelry ground
Fluttery sounds underground
Grand scale top
Wood Xylophone promenade
Brass Dominates
Conductor yields ascending lines
Magical variations as the wand waves
Culminating Revelry like bees swarming
Darting hither and thither, pouncing, gone
Principle Mastery in unison
Yet dissonant sounds unavoidable
Shifting gears
Shattered grandeur
Strings enunciate
Flying heights
Woodwinds enjoin
Final Ascent
Hectic Hay-day
Resolving to naught
again Naked Strings
as in the beginning, so it is again
Monotone metronome drum
Heart beat methodically
volume, fullness
Louder, ready to Burst

Before I die…

Conduct a Mahler Symphony,

Be Happy,
Make a Difference,
Make a Better World for Everyone,
Fight a Lion,
See Alaska,
Go To Hawaii,
Run in The Boston Marathon,
Marry My Love,
Go To Outer Space,
Form a Band,
Sky Dive,
Be Rich,
Make My Parents Proud,
Live in Africa,

Be My Own Boss,
Be a Millionaire,
Fall In Love,
Just Succeed,
Carpe Diem,
Be Free,
Be the Best Dad Ever,
Become a Runner,
Save a Life,
Write on a Giant Outdoor Chalkboard,
Live Life to the Fullest,
Own a Ferrari,
Climb Mount Everest,
Goto Med. School,
Make the World a Better Place,
Marry Prince Charming,

John 3:16,
See Brewers Win,
Be a Kid,
Get Super Powers,
Become Immortal,
Dance the Cha Cha,
Find a Cure For Breast Cancer,
Be a Pokemon Trainer,
Be a Robotics Scientist,
Visit all 50 States,
Change The World,
Find Narnia,

How about:
Hear the Pittsburgh Symphony Live at Heinz Hall just one more time

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