Fiddlesticks, Boo!

When does the Fiddlesticks Concert start?


Another Fiddlesticks concert! We have developed a pattern for these. About a week before the concert we search through our music collections for the songs being played and we make up a playlist on our computers. Then we play the songs over dinner and every time we are in the car. Many of them our 2-year-old son is already familiar with  (“In the Hall of the Mountain King” was in a concert last year) and the others slowly became friends.

Then we get there nice and early.  We listened to PSO musicians scattered around performing for the kids, including Mr. Incredible on the Bassoon. We did crafts.

Making a bookmark before the Fiddlesticks concert

We did a sing-along with Ms. Katy Williams (with a guest appearance with her daughter). And we even had a little 2-year-old tantrum (timed to work itself out before the concert started).

Then the concert itself.  Some songs he knows (the Fiddlesticks song, “Do-Re-Mi”). Songs he is familiar with that got a new twist (Fiddlesticks sneaking around and being followed while “In the Hall of the Mountain King”) and new songs (“Sleeping Beauty”).

Alas, with all the fun before the concert, our son only made it halfway through. But we left happy for the rest of our day. And thinking about the next concert he will go to.

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