The hues and voice of four mystics, with lavish sound

On this clear and chilly Light-Up-Night in Pittsburgh, with the celebrated Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, freshly back from a triumphant tour of Europe, we anxiously partake of a different kind of fare, harmoniously set against the backdrop of Heinz Hall, a decor augmented with psychedelic colours gleaned from the Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper’s theme. And what a decor – indented pillars of purplish pink lights garishly garnish the otherwise traditional texture. Large speakers, left and right, greatly amplify the music, seemingly out of place for classical music, and indeed does not fit the symphonies delicately sonorous arrangement of individual sounds. The PSO began with a ‘Beatles Overture’ arranged by George Martin, the one individual who held The Beatles together like Semolina Pilchard. Yet when the band began to play, I knew the speakers were there for them specifically.

The tempo of some of the songs was slightly slower than prerecorded tracks I remember well from my youth. However I was amazed at the ability of these 4 individuals from America, Jim Owen as John Lennon, Tony Kishman as Paul McCartney, David John as George Harrison and Chris Camilleri as Ringo Starr, to adroitly mimic both the look (they were very good look-alikes for their respective characters) and the vocal sounds of the fab four. And their playing of the instruments was equally impressive. But most impressive of all were their incredibly beautiful vocals.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of The Beatles (I’ve got all their albums on LP), so it is without hesitation that I would attend this concert. And as a tribute to their unique style of word lyrics, I present my own rendition of one of their songs, with the theme of my attendance at the show, don’t be late!

(sung to the music of ‘Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite’)


Juxtaposed with Light-Up-Night
We went to Heinz Hall tonight on histamine.
My friends and I will all be there
late of proper tennis fare, 40 love.
Over balls and rackets, nets and laurels
and lastly nothing gainsaid did transpire.
In this way nothing betrays our vitamin swirl.

The celebrated new fab four
performs their classical mystery tour at half past eight.
My friends and I will twist and shout
as Beatles faux will sing about - their cornflake.
Messrs. John and Paul enthrall their fans,
their resemblance will be second to none.
And of course the terrible towel is said once for all.

The band begins a show betwixt 
the hues and voice of 4 mystics, with lavish sound.
The PSO will undertake
ten groups of bars they perpetuate with great redound.
Having woken to the sounds of music
the Beatles tone is celebrated by all.
And tonight we come together on Strawberry Hill.

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