Paris on two wheels

The day started with a two block walk to the nearest city bike stand where I picked out the one bike with no brakes and squishy tires! I had no plan in mind, just ride and periodically look at my iPhone to see where I was. The trip started out beautifully when I caught a glimpse of a street market opening just as I was passing another city bike stand. I put the bike on the rack and walked through…some beautiful sights

I was completely blown away by this sight:


After a few minutes of smelling the smells and listening to the excited calls of the store keepers pedaling their wares, I got back on the bike to see what else I could see. It didn’t take long before I got to the iconic Eiffel Tower, looking spectacular framed by glorious sunshine and a cobalt sky!

In the summers I get the chance to go mountain biking in Jackson Hole, WY every so often, and when I do I generally am on my own and take pictures with the bike in the foreground and some spectacular vista stretching out around it. Marina (my wife) would tease me about the composition of the pictures, calling them my “lonely bike photos”. This series of pictures might as well be called: Lonely Bike Photos, Paris edition!






Earlier in the day I posted some of these photos on my Facebook page which got the comment, “a lot cheaper than the metro, but it takes nerves of steel in some places” from a horn playing friend from Liege, Belgium. He was absolutely right!!


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