Not in Kansas anymore!

Not in Kansas anymore!

A quick glance at our search page shows we are somewhere else instead!

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Our venue in Madrid, the National Theater, was a busy place, one orchestra just finishing its concert as another group arrived for the next event. PSO members had plenty of time backstage to change and warm up. Here violist Joen Vasquez plays serenely by a row of instrument packing trunks.

And in the hallway contra bassoonist Jim Rogers and tubist Craig Knox explore the lower pitches of the musical fabric.

At the Musikverein in Vienna our stage technicians had a tremendous amount of work, setting the stage for PSO events and also resetting for different repertoire within the PSO’s program. Much patient waiting was required during the week. Even the golden figures along the sides of the stage seemed to be waiting, arms akimbo.

One player who could warm up in peace was trombonist James Nova, whose “Tuba mirum” solo in the Mozart Requiem put him up in the organ loft, high above the orchestra.


English hornist Harold Smoliar comes downstairs for a drink of water. The Musikverein doesn’t have many stories, but each level has very high ceilings, and there were a lot of steps to climb.

And if one is not inclined to go up stairs to see what’s happening on stage, there’s always this view of the hall, not nearly so beautiful, but very handy!



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