Rachmaninoff: after America I’ll be able to buy myself that automobile

The first two items on the program were new music to me, and very enjoyable, especially the new piece by Scott Eyerly “Arlington Sons” with David Pittsinger, bass-baritone and his son Richard Pittsinger, boy soprano.

Rachmaninoff: “after America I’ll be able to buy myself that automobile” – puts things into perspective I’d say.

I was finally able to meet Olga Kern, and get her autograph as well as a fitting tribute to the PSO. Her performance with the PSO was extremely entertaining. I asked if she would be back to perform Rachmaninoff Piano Co. #2 – I hope so!

“To PSO! Thank you for great music making! Every time is such a joy to work with you!” – Olga Kern in my music program.

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