Caffeine junky

I think that I’m officially on the lamb.

We’re staying at a fantastic hotel with a Mediterranean view and all the posh amenities you can imagine. I’m a bit of a coffee hound, so imagine my joy when I realized that the in-room coffee machine was a decent Nespresso with single-serve cartridges. Having quite a caffeine habit, I collected up the cartridges (much like soaps and shampoo) so housekeeping would reload the tray next to the machine.

I freely enjoyed demi-tasse after demi-tasse of various roasts, chasing away jet-lag and preemptively striking any possibility of withdrawal headaches.

In the middle of the afternoon yesterday I noticed that my supply was dwindling quickly, (I had finished the 6 cartridges and 4 more that I had requested at the front desk) I only had two left. At about that time, I hear the “swish” of a slip of paper being pushed under my door. It was as if the hotel management had detected my consumption binge and had just the idea to get me to stop. The note read:


” Uh oh”, I thought. The note didn’t even mention the price…this couldn’t be good.

I grabbed the room-service guide and looked around near the front and, wouldn’t you know it, right there in plain English was “Cafe Nespresso-single-serve capsules: 4€”….ouch!

I went to the grocery hoping the coffee aisle would have those capsules and I could just buy a bunch, drink all the coffee I wanted, leave the capsule tray full and nobody would be the wiser. Unfortunately the package of capsules that I bought didn’t come close to matching the ones in the room so I wasted another 5€.

I went to the front desk to voice my dismay about the note under the door, wishing aloud that the timing would have been better if the note had been next to the machine when I checked in (believe me…it took all my courage to say anything, I felt pretty stupid).

The nice lady at the front desk said, “Our apologies for the miscommunication”, which I assume meant “the room service booklet is there for a reason”, and I proceeded up to my room thinking that the coffee was a heck of a lot better when I thought it was free.

Don’t tell anybody, but as of this very moment no charges have appeared on the room bill…shhhh!

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