Percussion Demonstrations

My friend Miki Sarkozi and his father Miklos accompanied me to the concert last weekend. Miki wrote his impressions of the evening…

There’s a knowledgeable student at Duquesne University in the Percussion group, hosted a lively demonstration before the concert and took the time to explain to me the types of gongs in use. The student group attracted curious crowds as the night air filled with their medley of xylophone, cowbells, gongs, drums and even what was reported to be the spring from a ’57 Chevy! These instruments were all to be used later in the Steven Stucky concert. They invited the patrons to ask questions and more excitingly, offered us a chance to try our own hands at making music!! Naturally, our attempts were an obvious departure from what they call music but they came to share their knowledge. When Dame Evelyn Glennie masterfully opened the Spirit Voices Concerto later, it was inspiring to watch her weave the ‘color’ into the concerto as Composer Stucky described in his introduction. Her notes each hung in the air and were usually extended by various instrumental voices having similar tones. Carrying that theme to the end, she struck the large gong three times…allowing of sound of each strike…to die peacefully end the night.

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