What’s in a name?

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to go to dinner at what could be a long lost relative’s restaurant in Vienna. It turned it to be a wonderful evening.

As readers of my previous posts know, I often times check Trip Advisor for recommendations of local restaurants for good places to eat. As I checked the website one evening for something close by, a name of a place came up, simply called “Winkler’s”. I did a double take at my iPhone screen… Could this be real? Sure enough it was. And it was a mere ten minute walk from the hotel. I had to give it a shot.

I went to the concierge desk to have him make a reservation. When he asked under what name, and I told him, he looked at me and chuckled, much the same way he did about a minute later when he gave my last name to the restaurant.

What made this a unique choice of a place to eat was that it was on Posthorn street! As many of you know, the posthorn solos are always played by the trumpet players in the orchestra. What could be more perfect?

So I arrived that evening and the owner and his son rolled out the red carpet for me. The food was delicious and this quaint little place was just incredible. I chatted with the owner, Walter Winkler for several minutes and explained why I was in town. He told me at the end of the meal that I was always welcome whenever I was in town, because, as he said, “We are family!” We exchanged business cards and said our goodbyes. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with him, but enjoy the pics below I took of some of the sites!



A picture of the front of the menu:


A posthorn hanging over the bar:


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