From Hamburg, Germany – A Review from Die Welt

For our German-speaking friends, here’s the first review from the concert in Hamburg, published by Die Welt, a German daily national newspaper!

To our ambitious non-German-speaking friends: you can use an online translating program if you wish, but we’ll post the official translation as soon as it’s available!

Thanks for keeping up with the tour! More exciting posts to come!

2 thoughts on “From Hamburg, Germany – A Review from Die Welt”

  • This review places special emphasis on the music of Wolgang Rihm and how well it is played by both orchestra and soloist. What a shame that the PSO management doesn’t dare play his music in Pittsburgh. Anne-Sophie Mutter will be here to play the Gala opening of the year and instead of taking the chance to feature this well-received, refreshing music, she’s been asked to play the overplayed Carmen Fantasy.

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