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Greetings All!

Martin Short just walked by my on his way to his dressing room! We are once again backstage, getting ready to rehearse for tonight’s Gala event at the Mann Center featuring the PSO, Marvin, Martin Short, and others.

I first wanted to tell everyone how fantastic last night’s classical performance went. It was a lovely evening, and from all accounts extremely well attended. PSO Timpani/Percussion player Chris Allen had friends on the lawn, which was apparently packed, and the covered seats were quite full. The temperature was perfect for an evening outside with beethoven and the PSO. From the opening chords of Beethoven’s Egmont Overture, we could sense that we had caught the audience’s attention. No small feat when we’re talking about a crowd that listens to the fabulous Philadelphians for the majority of the season. After the final cheers died down after the Egmont, we were joined by a fantastic young talent from the Curtis Institute, Teo Georghiu, for Beethoven’s third piano concerto. To say that we should be looking for this gentleman at Heinz Hall in the near future is an understatement. His passagework was effortless, and his sound refined. We closed with a rousing rendition of the Fifth Symphony. Maestro Remmereit’s tempi were slightly inconsistent, but his nervous accelerando to the end of the last movement certainly made for an exciting finish! After the show, I never made it to a cheese steak place, but I did wind up in the hotel bar afterward with much of the orchestra. This is where we rehash the concert, and swap experiences and stories. The history of touring in this orchestra has produced a huge wealth of stories, which I hope to share with you later.

For now, we’re getting our five minute call. I hope to post more later. On with the show (rehearsal).

2 thoughts on “Updates from the Mann Center”

  • Great concert indeed! And as encore, Teo treated the audience to Fritz Kreisler’s Liebeslied arranged for piano by Rachmaninoff.

  • Congrats on the great performance! It’s great the PSO was able to return to the Mann Center after so many years.

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