Greetings from Philly and the Mann Center

Hello Everyone!

I am writing this backstage at the Mann Center just forty minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin. I am planning to fill in you all on how it went in a later post, but that may happen tomorrow, as I hope to track down a cheese steak after the concert.

First, let me tell you that I am very excited to be sharing our experiences with you. Second, I would like to bring you up to speed on the Symphony’s activities to date for this tour. After leaving from Heinz Hall in a pouring rain at 10AM Friday morning, we spent the next seven hours on a bus headed for our hotel in the heart of the city. The rain followed us the whole way, and by the time we arrived, most of us were ready for a quick meal, and a stationary resting place. Our hotel is a fascinating old building, a bank which has been converted into a several hundred room hotel. After a good night’s rest, we again piled on busses, this time headed for the Mann Center. The Mann is a huge outdoor concert hall/amphitheater with covered seating for over 4000, and lawn seating for more than three times that! Would that we had such a venue in Pittsburgh for our summer concerts! Take a look at the back stage and the view from stage! That’s All for now- I have to go on. Enjoy! View

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  • The weather also turned out to be quite nice last night for the concert-much lower humidity and a nice breeze!

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