Peter and Pittsburghese

Neglecting to write about last weekend’s performance of Peter and the Wolf would have been an absolute travesty.  While I liked Final Alice, I would have attended exclusively for Peter Leo’s creative and wily Pittsburgh-flavored version of Sergei Prokofiev’s masterpiece.  And I have been hopelessly devoted to Mr. David Conrad ever since his Ghost Whisperer days.  (It would have been really irritating to play a character whose significant other incessantly sees dead people; I even wanted to tell Jennifer Love Hewitt to quit whining about seeing ghosts and turn on “Sports Center.”)  The man is talented and his Pittsburgh accent was absolutely impeccable.  Had I closed my eyes, I would have thought that I was at Heinz Field instead of at Heinz Hall.  My adoration for Mr. Conrad has only increased ever since I discovered that he’s a ‘Burgh Boy who appreciates his roots and values manners, no less!  In case your hometown pride has not yet been ignited, check out his recent piece for the Post-Gazette.

This was a genuinely fun performance to watch.  I enjoyed all of the cute, yet sometimes snarky, Pittsburghy references, too.  I do hope that Peter Leo plans to pen more of these types of programs…it should make yinz all really happy.

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