6 Rules to Know When Seeing a Show – PSO Style!

6. It’s never okay to take pictures during the ACTUAL performance of the show. However, it’s more than acceptable to take a picture of David Conrad as he is taking his bows with conductor Leonard Slatkin. However, in your haste to take a picture of the aforementioned, it is never okay to forget to take the lens cap off. Sigh.

5. When walking to your seat and you see someone else sitting in it, it’s totally okay to go to an usher and say, “hey, there’s someone in my seat.” The usher will then very graciously and professionally approach the seat-taker and explain that no, ORCH-L does not mean ROW L, it means LEFT. and 0 does not mean SEAT ZERO, it means ROW 0 – as in octopus. Kudos to the very gracious and professional ushers employed by Heinz Hall.

4. Never ever point to the stage and say, “see that guy in the black tux”. Your date will only look at you like you’re crazy.

3. Share the wealth. After all, there is never anything like a live orchestra show. The awe I feel every time that orchestra starts up, when I realize the incredible sounds that can be made, I just am overwhelmed by it. Magical times, people. Magical times. Share them!

2. Read the program/website carefully! Some performances have pre-concert talks with the composer or musicians, and then sometimes there are post-concert talks with the narrators or conductors. Good, interesting, informative times.

1. Clap loudly and enthusiastically after a performance gone-wrong. After all, while it might be difficult for the audience to sit through microphone feedback, it’s even more difficult for the orchestra to play through it. But they did, and amazingly. And as for poor dear Hila Plitman…you are a marvelous, gorgeous singer and your microphone was being possessed. Twas not your fault, Hila Plitman! But much respect to you for being able to push past that. Ditto for Leonard Slatkin and the entire PSO. Sometimes, microphones act up. And it was a shame because the show was so cutting edge and brave. But you were all so professional and brave for carrying on with the show.

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