the season so far…

Temporary difficulties kept me from posting these after each concert – all resolved, now. Here’s a whirlwind visual trip through the season so far:

Maestro Honeck and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. What a beginning to the year!  I let my eyes and pen trace part of the pattern on the ceiling, as mind and spirit are swept into the music.

Orchestra and audience during Carl Maria von Weber’s Oberon Overture. The swept-up hair of the lady in front of me echoes the curves of the instruments in the bass section. (She settles into her seat and I get a clear view of Sarah Chang for the violin concerto later.)

I draw more ornamental painting as I listen to Sibelius. These stylized fragments of organic shapes speak to me here. (A contrast or response to the evening’s program?)

Denis Matsuev plays Tchaikovsky, and I try to capture a moment in the dynamics where the world takes a deep breath – sustained for a moment, before the emotion crashes over us again. A performance to remember.

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