Sitting around the radio: PSO live in concert

WQED - Pittsburgh Classical radio

Our son is three months old now. It is Friday night and he is fussing, tired but not sleeping. We’re in the family room, with the radio turned on to WQED, where the Pittsburgh Symphony is being broadcast live in concert. The Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto is one we know. So we hum along starting with the opening horns. And our son joins us in delight. But by the end of the first movement, he is asleep. Good night.

2 thoughts on “Sitting around the radio: PSO live in concert”

  • Thank you for the wonderful idea for helping to settle down the little ones before bed. Our children attended an evening Pittsburgh Youth Symphony concert during the holidays and were angelic on the ride home.

  • Oh, I don’t think that we are so good as to be able to say this will settle down little ones. And I’m not sure that Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 is the first choice for a lullaby. I suspect that he just needed to burn off energy and singing along with mommy and daddy did the trick. We’re adding this to our bag of tricks for when we can’t get him to sleep in the future.

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