Music of the Heart

We’ve all seen that movie with Meryl Streep and N’Sync (and a cameo appearance by the one and only Joshua Bell!). Whether you like the movie or not, the message in it is pretty unarguable. Music is food for the heart, and it’s also food for the soul. I know, I know. CLICHE! But let’s be honest: cliches become cliches because almost EVERYONE agrees with the sentiment – or there is some truth to the sentiment.

Manfred Honeck, the PSO’s Music Director for the last 3 years and counting, will be the first to tell you just how much music is tied to the human heart and soul. In fact, he believes in this connection so much, he’s putting his money where his mouth is by conducting a special, FREE concert called Music for the Spirit. This concert is just one part of an ongoing annual program of concerts that celebrate the music, heart and soul connection.

Maestro Honeck is obviously very committed to exploring this connection and bringing it to the forefront, and I honestly can’t think of a better time to highlight this topic. I think, on a broader scale, Maestro Honeck isn’t just showing us how great music can really make us feel “fed” or “fulfilled” (though it does that), but that everything is connected.

Mind, Body, Spirit.

Music, Heart, Soul.

And, on an even broader scale, Maestro Honeck, with these concerts, is also tackling the golden thread that pulls music and religion together. And yes, I do mean ALL religions.

Last Saturday’s concert, Verdi’s Requiem, was a prime example of showcasing wonderful music that really feeds the heart and soul and also highlights the line connecting music and religion. And personally, if the Requiem was any indicator, I can’t wait for the Music of the Spirit Concert. Not only because it will feature works by Haydn, Bruckner, Mahler, Faure, Berlioz and more, but because it’s just another way in to a very important conversation that everyone should be having. Religion is supposed to be one of the things that brings people together, and yet it’s one of the most divisible. But with music – the universal language – and with Manfred Honeck leading the conversation, I think that this year will be the year everyone will be talking.

Concert Information:

**Music of the Spirit Concert

7:30 p.m., on Feb.17, 2011, at St. Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral in Oakland General admission tickets are free to the public and are limited to four per household. Tickets can be reserved by calling the Heinz Hall box office at 412.392.4900.

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