I Heart Edward Cullen…oh wait a minute…

….this post isn’t about Edward Cullen or Twilight or anything else vampire/werewolf related. What am I thinking??? I know, it’s just so easy to forget, amidst all the E! and Entertainment Tonight and Us Weekly “reporting” that anything else on earth exists but Twilight and vampires.

But there is a world greater than the one Stephenie Meyer imagined. Thank God. And after attending the preview concert for the BNY Grand Mellon Classics new season, it’s amazing just how big and wide the world is – especially when you can view it all from the comfort of a Heinz Hall seat.

From Mahler to Tchaikovsky to Bruch (pronounced as Brook, not Broosh, as I embarrassingly thought for a reallyreallyreally long time) to Stanislovsky; from the great Russian composers to a new American one, the 2011 Grand Mellon Classics seasons is full of the most well-known orchestral works as well as some of the most amazing but little heard of gems.

After two solid months of Twilight this and Twilight that, where all I heard was emo/folk/naval gazing music geared toward what a person could hear on the Twilight soundtrack, it was sooooooo unbelievably refreshing to hear MUSIC. And yes, I mean music with all capital letters. It was a joy to be back in the (very coolly air conditioned) theater. And though some of the musicians have changed (goodbye Andres Cardenes, you’ll be missed! And where was Heui-Sheng???) the music was just as perfect as ever. I especially love Beethoven’s Fifth, but really, who doesn’t?

Now, the whole Twilight saga thing is not over yet, but just remember, there is entertainment to be found outside of a movie theater. Try Heinz Hall.  And the PSO.

And if it makes you feel better, feel free to wear a Team First Violin t-shirt. Or Team Clarinet. Or Team Tuba. haha.   Personally, I’ll be wearing *Team Thomas Hong shirt in honor of the PSO’s assistant conductor. 🙂

*I’d also wear a Team Hamlisch t-shirt too. I mean, the guy’s a legend, people!!! A legend!!!!!

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