Fun – a PSO Preview Concert

It was serendipity that led me to the path of these lovely and gracious ladies, they invited me to an after concert drink at Olive Or Twist; which was very nice of them to let me intrude on their evening of fun. They were there with Jennifer, my fellow PSO blogger (center), who I happened to run into in the Heinz Hall lobby. The conversation was as much fun as the concert.

Fun is certainly the best word to describe this concert. The selections were well thought out – pieces which are indeed popular.

Yes, we experienced many happy movements of various compositions with the most pleasant of melodies; some lively, others simply enjoyable or memorable like the Finlandia. Various aspects of the breathtaking harmony blended enjoyably in nothing but entertaining merriment.

Well what else could be asked for but a season full of these lively compositions, and since this is a preview, we know for certain that the upcoming Pittsburgh Symphony season will indeed divert our minds on a journey of musical witticism – witty escapades mixed with festivity, beauty, and sometimes somber reflections.

But tonight was mostly a fun treat for the ears, and the mind. The evening was convivially narrated by Larry Richert, and Thomas Hong thoughtfully conducted the orchestra. One purpose of the evening was to try to convince the concert attendees to become subscribers to the PSO performances – I suggest you do! One fun moment was when Mr. Richard asked Mr. Hong to fill out this huge form with his name: and he did, but the name was Brad Pit 🙂

I want to congratulate Laura Motchalov on a fabulous violin solo of Max Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1. She was magnificent in the movement presented along with the PSO. After intermission, she had changed out of her beautiful blue dress into the standard dress black and was back on stage performing along with the rest of the PSO artists – now that’s dedication.


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