Get behind the scenes with Lawrence Loh Resident Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony on our 2010 BNY Mellon European Tour (under the direction of Music Director Maestro Manfred Honeck)! In this installment, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter invites us to listen to her warming up on the stage.

Plus Lawrence Loh interviews Misha Istomin on Russians in Paris, Chad Winkler on his long walk, and checks in on Lou Lev’s warmup spots.


9 thoughts on “THE LOH-DOWN: Episode 2, PARIS FRANCE”

  • The Loh-Down Rocks!! Mutter is so amazing, what a treat to see such a beautiful violinist warming up!! Thanks Larry, look forward to getting more of the Loh-Down!!

  • I was yesterday, monday 17 May, in Salle Pleyel for the PSO concert. It was great, and so generous : three pieces of “bis”. First Tchaikovski, but I did not recognize the terrific second one. Somebody knows it ?
    Thank you.

  • Just FYI, I’m reposting this video as I type this – it will be up shortly. I stabilized the video of Anne-Sophie to greatly reduce my camera shake (it’ll help a bit, but it’s still a little bouncy in the opening 20 seconds or so of that segment.

  • I often wonder how I would do conducting an orchestra. Enjoy the rest of the trip…!

  • Enjoyed your play on words and space! The linear movement from the world outside the concert hall to the soul of the orchestra was uncanny. Istomin’s quintessentially Russian introduction of his country’s legacy to France, Lev’s choice of elevator hallways to practice…finally Anne-Sophie Mutter’s relaxed wam up were a treat to my senses. She is an amazing violinist, very natural and yet such control!!

  • Ah! This was so wonderful!! The cathedral is gorgeous and the backstage backgammon is hilarious. ^^ Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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