THE LOH-DOWN – Episode 7 – Meet Anne-Sophie Mutter, Vienna to Budapest

Anne-Sophie Mutter speaks directly to the camera about her tour with the PSO! This episode also includes some footage from Vienna to Budapest.

Get the Loh-Down with Lawrence Loh, Resident Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony. We are on our 2010 BNY Mellon European Tour, under the direction of Music Director Maestro Manfred Honeck!


3 thoughts on “THE LOH-DOWN – Episode 7 – Meet Anne-Sophie Mutter, Vienna to Budapest”

  • Thank you for your posts! Each new post was another gift, to be shared with Pittsburgh friends both at home and far away. It was a relaxing way to end the day – a glass of wine and enjoying the praise for the PSO.

    Did you ‘conduct’ at any of the other music halls, perhaps the new hall in Budapest?

    If I win the lottery I’ll invite myself along for the next tour. Okay, and I’ll take a friend.

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