Get behind the scenes with Lawrence Loh Resident Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony on our 2010 BNY Mellon European Tour, under the direction of Music Director Maestro Manfred Honeck!

In this installment, we speak with pianist Emanuel Ax, get a tour of the beautiful hall in Luxembourg, speak to PSO musicians and staff and Music Director Manfred Honeck.


8 thoughts on “THE LOH-DOWN, Episode 4 LUXEMBOURG”

  • Yay!!!! Broccoli, Tofu, Corn Dog & Bacon!! (sorry, just a little excited.)
    Fantastic video Larry, great mix of everybody. I find it very interesting that Murray has not seen any cows or geese…

  • I like the variety of footage in here.. sometimes so funny and candid! Thanks, Larry. It was especially sweet to hear Emanual Ax’s warm words about the PSO and working with Maestro Honeck. Also, I didn’t know a bike could be packed in a suitcase!

  • Ax’s words about being part of the PSO family were touching! Could we have some more coverage of the strings?…thanks for the great vidoes

  • At the very end of the video, there was a little “moment” which I will put up when I do an end of the tour “out-take” footage video. You are so great at capturing the humor and insight to so many different facets of this tour, Larry…..thanks so much and congrats on so many great vids!

  • Great video Larry! Glad to see that the timpani was repaired in time and Kelvin’s food buddies all made it on tour. Interview with Ax was wonderful

  • The Hall is beautiful and so large!! I loved it. Speaking of randomosity – Kimchi flavored coffee. lol 🙂 Congrats to Charlie! ^^

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