Get behind the scenes with Lawrence Loh Resident Conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony on our 2010 BNY Mellon European Tour (under the direction of Music Director Maestro Manfred Honeck)!

In this installment, we observe the pre-concert, intermission, and post-concert behavior of several PSO members. Plus, Jeremy Branson talks percussion!


8 thoughts on “THE LOH-DOWN, Episode 3 FRANKFURT GERMANY”

  • both informative and funny! I liked learning about the cymbals and hearing the difference in sound, plus later laughing though the post concert action. ha! great post. thank you

  • This episode of the Loh-Down was terrific! It shows the great personalities of both the PSO musicians and the staff.
    On a side note… 25 minute intermission!?!? Crazy!

  • Your blog is the only way I can afford to travel with the PSO on this tour! Thank you for taking me along for the tour..Did I notice a few retirees on the tour? Seems like no one ever leaves this family! Please post, even on your day off…

  • Nice one, Larry…’ve got a great style (and you’re super fast!!). Really enjoyed it.

  • Hey guys, I love the videos, but when I’m at work, as is the wont of most workplaces, youtube is banned. Can you also include a few still shots below the video to whet our appetite for when I get home, and when I can steal the PC away from the rest of the family 😉 Thanks.

  • Hi Doug, I tried to insert photos, but I’m having some trouble with it. I’ll ask someone to help me later, but in the meantime, I hope you can grab the computer from your family later! I’m sorry!!

  • Wow! The information about the cymbals was so interesting. They sound beautiful too. I am surprised though that he threw his shoulder out! The “Shostakovich Stretch” was neat too. It looked like it would feel really good.

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