PSO Blogs: The Sequel

We are proud to announce the launch of our new blog site:

The new site was designed to centralize our concert blog and tour blog to one location, as well as delivering PSO news.

 Upon arriving to the PSO blog home page, you may view all blog posts listed in reverse chronological order.

With the Concert Blog menu item, you may choose to read blog entries about concerts as well as “Explore & Engage” activities surrounding concerts.

The Tour Blog menu item, will allow you to read posts from our tour bloggers and follow the activities of the PSO on tour.

You may also choose to read the PSO News section, where links to articles about the PSO are posted, as well as news releases about our organization.

 With the new format, social media tools are being used to better connect with the blog, as well as the ability to share blog posts for a better user experience.

Readers may leave comments, but may choose use the “Tweetmeme” and “Facebook Share,” at left, to send a link of the article directly to their social media outlet of choice.

By visiting the PSO blog, readers may also view the RSS feeds from PSO Twitter, PSO Facebook, and Manfred Honeck’s Facebook.

 We hope you enjoy the new blog format and find it easier to navigate. Give us your feedback in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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