Paris Hilton actually….and a few other things from our short stop there.


16 thoughts on “Paris Hilton actually….and a few other things from our short stop there.”

  • Isn’t it incredible??? I’m always happy that he can get his thumb back on that way. What a great kid!!

  • Bob,
    How do you get your video to embed without the black bars on the top and bottom? Mine is full widescreen on youtube, but on the blog page it’s with those black bars. Maybe it’s because yours is youtube HD (i don’t load mine HD – how do you do that too?). Thanks fellow vidblogger!

  • Are you remembering to insert the “vh” after the http? Right before the double slash, you need to insert those two letters (according to the .pdf that we got). That seems to take care of it. Let me know if you have success……your vids are terrific!! What a crappy day here in Frankfurt, huh? I just paid my euros and went to the gym for a workout. I paid enough where I think I have to go back before they close to get my money’s worth.

  • btw…..I think that I’m going to lose my internet connection fairly soon……I may have to hit you up for uploading if I don’t get any help from above. I have tons of footage that is just waiting to be uploaded. Frankly….nothing as fun and informative as yours, but hey…..

  • Sorry to comment so much on my own post, but it’s pretty funny to watch the editing at 1:41 in the clip where I transitioned from the Eiffel Tower in one shot and it came from the other direction in the next……I reversed the clip and the cars and people are all going backwards (it made my girls laugh).

  • OH, and the vh worked! I just put “v” – thanks! I stabilized my video the way you told me (after analyzing, I smoothed it) – but I’m not sure if it helped that much. I reposted both that Paris one and the Frankfurt one (another correction after-the-fact).

  • that is HILARIOUS – the backwards walking and driving – I didn’t notice that before! It’s because the cars are so small they practically look like golfcarts. Plus I was drawn into the Shostakovich in the background!

  • While we love the horn section I would love to see more of the orchestra, especially the trombone section (i.e. Jim Nova). Look forward to seeing more, thanks Bob!

  • PSO fan…..I can’t IMAGINE who you are….but are you not able to communicate directly with said 2nd trombonist? I shall tell him that he has a neglected fan!! So far I haven’t been able to collect stills from the vids that I’ve done for sending via e-mail, but I’ll be sure to set my video camera to picture mode, or maybe even interview him…..but alas. I’ve reached the limit of postings allowed for reimbursement on the blog, so I’m not sure if all these vids and pictures I’m amassing will be able to be uploaded!! If I could get away with sitting in the trombone section for rehearsals and concerts, I’d get better shots of those guys. I’ll do better for you, I promise. I’ll see if the said trombonist might have your e-mail address and send you some pics!!

  • Bob, I’m so sorry to hear that we will not be seeing more of your posts. Maybe your remaining videos and photos can be compiled and posted when you return.
    P.S. This is not Lindsey =)

  • Does that HD vh option make your videos load more slowly on my DLS connection? just wondering. Or maybe because it’s from Europe. Most other youtube videos load more quickly here in the states. Thanks. Maybe I should get a faster connection 🙂

  • Doug….it might be the settings on my camera. Let me know if the next video loads as slowly. Also you can view them in YouTube and select a lower resolution (320 or 480) and it’ll load quicker. I’m using a 720p HD camera and have changed from 60fps down to 30fps to see if I can cut down on the upload time.

    PSO Fan (don’t tell anybody, but the comment about the reimbursement thing was baloney….just trying to get free internet so I can skype with my kids)…..although the videos need to be uploaded too! We have a free connection here in Luxembourg, but one fast enough to upload videos is €28/day…..just sayin’. I’ll get some footage of that cute trombone player tonight.

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