Keep your eyes and ears on us!

It has been ages (years actually) since I blogged.  I don’t really know why, I think that I got to the point where I felt I was repeating myself and lost the fire for a while.  Well I’m here to tell you the fire is back and warming up my computer (along with my little HD video camera) and I’ll be in full swing soon from Basel, Switzerland!!  We always have a day off to adjust to the jet-lag, so I think I’ll take advantage and show you all what we’re doing, what we’ll be playing and where, and maybe a few other fun surprises…..please keep your eyes on the tour blog!  I’m hoping to have something uploaded by Thursday night or Friday, depending on what kind of shots I can get.  I’ll try to keep the vids short and fun, yet get some interesting tid-bits that you might not be privy to otherwise.  At this point in a letter I’d say “see you soon”, but now I’ll say see US soon!  Until then………

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