Hilary Hahn’s red dress

I’d never heard the Sibelius Violin concerto before – and from the opening notes, I was swept away by Hahn’s breathtaking performance with the PSO. Breathtaking in the sense that I really found myself pausing, forgetting to breathe, forgetting to draw for the moment, held still by the work.  Her red dress puddled where it touched the stage floor, and turned with her as she played, bringing me back to the page.  I watched the light shift again with her movement, and painted.

Hilary Hahn has a gallery on her website where she shares drawings and paintings given to her by her audience.  I couldn’t give this sketch to her at the time, as it was promised to this blog – but perhaps she’ll accept it as a virtual submission. Her violin case has an active Twitter account, where you can follow along with her life and tour.  Today: “Hilary painted her nails orangey red with gold sparkles and is now practicing, practicing, practicing.”

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