Headed to Stuttgart

Headed to Stuttgart

After a few days in Basel, we are headed in a few hours across the border to Germany for a concert tonight in Stuttgart. Last night’s concert was very well received and a great way to kick off the tour! I’m spending the last few minutes — before the long bus ride — enjoying a coffee (and free internet!) at Starbucks.

I found this sign outside a shoe store yesterday while walking around Basel! Winkler’s are everywhere!

If you are reading this and have a moment to comment, please do! We want to know who is out there!

9 thoughts on “Headed to Stuttgart”

  • My wife and I live in Basel. We attended the Basel concert and can sum up the performance in one word: FABULOUS! The Orchestra had a well-balanced sound, played with great precision and a lot of passion. Maestro Honeck’s enthusiasm was a joy to watch. Anna-Sophie Mutter’s playing was electrifying. As you all experienced, the Basel audience was very moved by your performance. I watched some audience members conducting along with Maestro Honeck and even gasping with delight during certain passages. A great start for your European Tour. Congratulations!

  • What a great comment from Mr. Shock. The posts have been really great and we all look forward to reading more! Good luck tonight in Stuttgart!

  • I’m listening! Thanks for these great posts. Also thanks Jim for letting us back in Pittsburgh see the PSO tour from the audiences perspective. Wonderful to hear.

  • There are plenty of us reading your blogs back at home in pgh. wishing we where there too! keep it up!

  • Chad,

    Reading your blog as well as the others brings back memories of when I toured with the Orchestra. I too was particlary interested in the audiences. We really have fans around the world.

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