Beyond Words

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I attended this weekend’s concert while in the midst of working toward a big writing deadline. My head was swimming with words: those I’d read, those I’d written, those I still needed to write. But then I settled into my seat at Heinz Hall and let the universal, wordless language of music take over. What a pleasure to get out of my own head for awhile — to listen to the beauty and grace of the PSO and violinist Hilary Hahn telling stories and painting pictures with music. My writing mind took a deep breath and thanked me for the break.

Maybe you’re not a writer. Maybe you’re a doctor, an electrician, a computer programmer, a teacher. Whatever your trade, you probably spend a large portion of your week wrapped up in the tools and language of your profession. And even if you love what you do, I’m guessing that sometimes it gets a little crowded in your head with all of the facts and figures and jargon that you need to do your job.

This is just one of the reasons that we need the music that the PSO brings us. It takes us beyond — beyond the daily grind, beyond the mundane. For me, music can take me beyond words, which is a true blessing and an art.

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