A short (hopefully) hiatus….

Hi everybody, Thanks for keeping up with the blogs…..it’s nice to be in touch with our “home crowd”……our favorite. The concerts have been going very well…..tonight’s Beethoven and Dvorak were especially exciting. With Mike Rusinek playing a particular Khachaturian encore with a clarinet cadenza, it has been paired up with the Shostakovich most nights. Tonight it was paired up with the Dvorak so he had to make up new licks in it to paraphrase the concert (making it up on the spot). Last night he threw in a “Till Eulenspiegel” lick much appreciated by the horn section! We’re having fun and the audiences seem to be liking it. I miss Pittsburgh, especially my wife and 3 wonderful girls, but lots of thoughts for you…..our home fans. We’re flying the Pittsburgh flag wherever we go!

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