Packing for NYC – Stephanie Tretick

It’s not just instruments and concert clothes which go on tour. Here Stage Technician Rocky Esposito puts a final few items into the stagehands’ trunk, a neatly organized collection of tools, tape, rope, first aid supplies – just about everything needed to fix just about anything. Rocky and his colleague John Karapandi are in charge of packing and unpacking well over one hundred specialized trunks built especially to house the Pittsburgh Symphony’s unusual and precious cargo. The semitrailer truck is loaded in a specific order to make everything fit, and goes to New York City ahead of the Orchestra. At Carnegie Hall John and Rocky will have the help of the technicians there, unpacking the truck, setting up the stage for the rehearsal and concert, and then loading all the cargo up after the concert for the trip back to Pittsburgh. This trip is fairly straightforward, with only one tour destination. Foreign tours are another matter, necessitating mind-boggling logistics and very long hours for the PSO’s stage crew as the Orchestra travels between venues, across international borders and through time zones.


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