NYC tour a series of contrasts – Stephanie Tretick

The photos by my fellow blogger Chuck Lirette have fallen into contrasting pairs over the past two days.

The charts for the PSO’s stage setup resemble a football play diagram, but their realization is a gridiron of quite a different sort.  On the right the stage setup has been completed and awaits the orchestra for the morning’s rehearsal.

Bassist Betsy Heston takes a quiet moment to tune her instrument after unpacking it from its immense shipping trunk.  Later on stage she and her colleagues listen as announcements are made regarding travel adjustments necessitated by the impending blizzard on Wednesday.

Manfred Honeck and soloist Anne-Sophie Mutter discuss a point during the Brahms Violin Concerto’s rehearsal.  In the evening French hornists Zach Smith (left) and Joe Rounds confer before the Mahler First Symphony.  In addition to the scheduled works on the program the orchestra also played an encore, Die Libelle by Strauss, a delightful and understated musical description of a buzzing dragonfly, a total contrast to the heroic ending of the Mahler symphony.

Carnegie Hall’s portico on 56th street marks the stage door entrance.  Around front banners went up over the PSO’s marquee to announce the concert had sold out.

Mother Nature provides the final contrast for this trip.  The day the Orchestra arrived was crisp and beautiful.  By the third day things have changed considerably!

2 thoughts on “NYC tour a series of contrasts – Stephanie Tretick”

  • Great photos Stephanie! What are some of the things that orchestra members did with their extra day in NYC? It’s unfortunate you got stranded, but what a great city to get stranded in!! Travel home safe!

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