A world of water – Louis Luangkesorn

We've had a long couple of weeks here in southwestern Pennsylvania.  With a historic snowstorm wrecking havoc on our region everything has been been affected, including the symphony. After a week of snow storms, it was good to return to the symphony. 

Snow and branches

Tonight was a night of new music.  And the composer Mason Bates was here to introduce his piece.  He spoke of the various movements of the piece, and described that transistions of the states of water.  He spoke of "glaciers ultimately melt."  The hurricanes and floods, reminiscencing of the trials experienced by the city of New Orleans.

In the audience were a number of staff and volunteers of the Red Cross.  Over the past two weeks they and their community partners have been hard at work, providing shelter, warmth, comfort and food to many who have been effected by these storms and the power outages that have caused so much trouble to so many.

Forest of cots

Earlier today we had been cleaning and repacking our supplies, so many of which were used over the past two weeks.  And we also remember that "glaciers ultimately melt."  As does snow and ice.  And like in Liquid Interface following the glaciers melting came the hurricanes and floods, we are worried about what comes when the snow covering our region melts.  But we will be ready.

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