A Funny Position – Bethany Hensel

Sunday's performance was as interesting as the titles of the pieces performed were as hard to pronounce.

Wait…did that sentence just make sense?

Apropos, considering the whole theme of Sunday's performance was riddles.  Say it with me folks: Zoroastrian Riddles, and sprach Zarathustra.  See?  It's hard, right? 

Anyway, I must say – though my friend would disagree – the best part of the night was Mozart's Violin Concerto.  (My friend liked Strauss' piece.)  Not only was the title easy to pronounce, but violinist Stefan Jackiw made it easy to listen to.  Just 24 years old, he has a mastery of the violin that is enviable.  I'm 25 and I can barely play a recorder.  But Mr. Jackiw was amazing.  I have a soft spot for violinist, my favorite being, of course, Joshua Bell.  Was Mr. Jackiw as good as Joshua?  Well, it's an unanswerable question at this point, at least for me.  After all, I was BARELY ALIVE when Joshua was 24, so I have no idea how he sounded back then.  It would be utterly unfair to compare a 24 year old against a 41 year old.  But I will say this, both men can make that violin sing. 

HOWEVER, did anyone notice the way Mr. Jackiw held his violin?  Was it just me (and my friend) or did he hold it kind of…angled…funny????

Hmmm, in the end, I suppose it doesn't matter.  When you can produce a sound as glorious as the one he produced, he could play it with his feet for all I care. 

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  • I did not happen to notice that Mr. Jackiw was holding his violin at an unusual angle, but I must say, he is one of the most phenomenal soloists I have had the privilege to see perform. His overall technical mastery, especially his fluid bow arm, allowed some of the most gorgeous and refined tones and phrasing. He infused the Mozart with a lyrical quality rather than an instrumental quality, which seems appropriate as Mozart’s true masterpieces are his operas.

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