The Strings of the PSO – Doug Bauman

Everyone who attends the concerts of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Heinz Hall, or throughout the premier concert locations across the globe, know of the quality of the musicians. Much is said of all the instruments, including just about every instrument without strings. I quite agree. But what about the string section..? I myself am extremely impressed with the richness, the fullness, the tonal quality and aggregate capacity exemplified by the string section of the PSO. Sometimes I wonder why they don't get the same kind of credit at the end of a piece. Sure, they ask all those other nice players to stand up and take a bow, certainly well deserved; but it seems almost afterthought for the strings. Well it turns out I'm not the only one to appreciate the PSO string section. During a concert chat last week with Gabriela Montero, she revealed her thoughts (about 2 minutes in):

Gabriela Montero: "I have to say I'm so happy to be here.
This is such an amazing group of musicians,
and now that I was listening to the Mendelssohn,
the sound they have, the richness and depth is gorgeous
and I like that, I like the meaty stuff."

Jim Cunningham:
"And we liked they way you played the Rhapsody in Blue.
It was absolutely sensational."


This is my interpretation, that she was referring to the string section in particular, because of the 'richness and depth,' and of course, the 'meaty stuff'

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