doorway – Elizabeth Perry


When I was little, we had a recording of Van Cliburn playing Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto, and one of my sisters liked to hear it every night as she was falling asleep. My parents would play the record in the living room, and I could have my door open to listen to the music and their voices, talking quietly. I still associate those first piano notes with that triangle of light from the hall, spilling onto my bedroom floor.

Today I heard the work differently – I'd never seen it performed until now – but the memories added an extraordinary layer to the experience.

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  • Marvelous! I wish I could draw like that.
    This is one of my favorite piano concertos. I truly enjoyed hearing it in person on Friday night. It seemed to me that in the middle of the first movement, that there were some sections in there that I had never heard before, solo parts for the piano, performed wonderfully by Garrick Ohlsson. Does anyone have any information on that, or is this just my imagination…?

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