This is a new country – Doug Bauman

reflections of grassDvořák New World Symphony.
This music invokes these words in my soul.
One must hear the music to understand the words, as I do. Written today, but heard in my mind many times before, while listening to this beautiful music.

1st movement

Come with me,
hear with me,
stand with me,
see with me,
a country..

yes, my country,
blend with me gently,
green and sultry,
roll with me bluntly

so heavenly blue,
as refreshingly new,
and everything grew,
oh forever renew

sweet, my country,
love the land nearby
flying as a buckeye
meandering into the sky
hovering over my eye

as my country,
living beneath a tree
as my country,
living as free as me

don’t you see it
don’t you hear it
don’t you sense it
now in transit

as a country,
wide expansive country
live a country,
as a new world country

2nd movement

This is my country,
land that I do love,
growing free, part of me,
gather what I’m of.

Come with me
see with me
what we dearly love
slumbering above

This is my country,
revel in my land,
mountains high, rivers ply,
footsteps in the sand

3rd movement

consummate freedom
try my liberty,

passionate nectar
quaff me heartily,

crystalline humor
wit is levity – brevity – remedy

4th movement

This is a new country,
tranquil as a dove,
one new world discovery,
forever a land that I love

Welcome to my country,
seen high from above,
this land is an ecstasy,
said highly enough, I love

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