Shakespeare & Steinbacher – Doug Bauman

Shakespeare & Steinbacher: This Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Marek Janowski   conductor
Arabella Steinbacher   violin

Hector Berlioz :   King Lear Overture   read more   listen
Max Bruch :   Scottish Fantasy
  Ms. Steinbacher
  read more   listen
Richard Strauss :   Macbeth   read more   listen

I've a cold, and that prevents me from attending this concert with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra this weekend. What I was looking forward to was listening to three pieces I've not heard before. And the performance by Mrs. Steinbacher should be fascinating. So now I will rely on my fellow bloggers to attend and write their impressions for me.

In fact, everyone should attend! But as for me, I'll sit at home and try to find these performances on media to hear what I am missing, regrettably, because I'm an enthusiastic concert goer. And Shakespeare is one of my favorite authors! What fun it would have been to make mental connections between the works.

Note to anyone reading the messages on this blog: Please feel free to comment on the messages, thank you!

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