Revered again – Doug Bauman

As is my wont, I’m writing poetry to psych myself up for a Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra concert this weekend. These are my words, just written to the music of Sergei Rachmaninoff :  Symphony No. 2revered again

Revered again

Often when I’m up against a wall,
and the very simple words I scrawl,
easily reveal my very thoughts to you,
as words I hope that do enthrall

Exposing whence my sleeping heart did fall,
back out onto center stage again,
and the wonder of our dream as when,
I could really have that kind of gall

dares to tell
that kind of truth
in this very soft and cloistered world,
can be cheered
but not revered
until they’re mired
in dire understandings least unfurled

Abstract wisdom of the past is clear,
mixed with current subtle sounds I hear,
probing rhythm of my thoughts appear,
I’m trusting you my dear

our truth together
inspire trust as freedom
unaffected nature as simplicity

I believe Pittsburgh is projecting wall art on the buildings this weekend:

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