Alpine Symphony: Richard Strauss – Doug Bauman

Just received my preview email from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra:

Be a part of history as Janowski records the Alpine Symphony for Pentatone. Feel the crunch of snow beneath your boots and breathe the crisp, rarefied mountain air when you trek with Marek Janowski through the majestic Bavarian Alps with Strauss- epic Alpine Symphony! Strauss' piece is full of unusual instruments, so listen for a wind machine, plenty of offstage brass, a heckelphone and celeste.

Eine Alpensinfonie — My images, only one I actually made in the Alps, can you guess which one? My interpretation of the scenes…

  • Night
    Moon over Murrysville
  • Sunrise
  • the Ascent
    Cucumber Falls
  • Entry into the Woods
    tiny mushroom
  • Walking along the Brook
    Fern over a lazy river
  • at the Waterfall
    Ohiopyle waterfall
  • a Visual Feature / apparition
    grant me 3 wishes
  • on Flowery Meadows
  • on the Alp / Pasture
    I Can't stop loving you..
  • Wrong Path through the Thicket
    Don't leave now...
  • on the Glacier
    reflections of grass
  • Moments of Danger
    Hercules waiting for his replacement
  • at the Summit
    Austria / Österreich -- 1982
  • Vision
    alive and bright
  • the Fog Rises
    a grand day
  • the Sun is Gradually Obscured
    Something beautiful awaits!
  • Elegy
    beautiful day
  • Calm before the Storm
  • Thunder and storm, Descent
    Moss at Buttermilk Falls
  • Sunset
    Subtle shades enhanced
  • the Journey Ends
    sunset the other day
  • Night
    3 planets

2 thoughts on “Alpine Symphony: Richard Strauss – Doug Bauman”

  • Fantastic pictures! They wonderfully conjur the music in such an obviously personalized way. Excellent!
    Hope you enjoy the concert – am jealous that I won’t get to hear the majestic PSO brass play this piece…

  • Dear Douglas,
    I wish I could be with you…. a great concert I think !! … and a wonderful choice of your collected images..
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend !!!

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