i have a date – Laura Miller

I have a hot date tonight.  With the PSO.  I already know what I’m wearing:

A Huge Grin.

When I heard that I was selected to join a wonderful community of bloggers and provide an "outside" voice for this season’s concerts, I couldn’t stop smiling.  (Hence, the reason my wardrobe is ready to go for tonight.)  I’m honored.  Overjoyed.  Excited.  And do you know why?  Not just because I love the PSO (I’ve had a crush on them since the age of fourteen.  I’m thirty years old now.) and All Things Music, but because I get to share that love with you.  Yes.  YOU. 

For those of you who might be visiting the Pittsburgh Symphony’s website for the first time, please accept my warmest welcome. And if you’re contemplating beginning a relationship with the PSO (i.e. your very own hot dates with them every once in a while), let me assure you that you are, without a doubt, making a Very Good Decision.  Perhaps you’ve always enjoyed listening to classical music, but have never had the opportunity to experience it in person.  Or maybe you’re familiar with some of the famous works, but would like to broaden your knowledge base.  Better yet, maybe you’re interested in trying something completely new, right here in your own backyard.  Having regular dates with the PSO will allow you to do all of these things.

Tonight, as I enter Heinz Hall, grin on my face and boyfriend Ross by my side, I will be thinking of you all and hoping that someday soon, you will be there, too.  That you will come to hear this amazing group of musicians and experience music all the way to your bones.  To your core.  To your heart.  That you will sit in the seat, close your eyes, and let the rush of sound flow into and through you.  That you will know that classical music isn’t for the "stuffy masses" or "upper classes."  That it’s for everyone. 

That you will say to the PSO, "This was great.  I’ll call you."  And then go on a date with them again.

I like to say that I have never heard music in my life.  I have only felt it.  It is my hope that you, too, will feel the music.  That you will feel the joy that the PSO can bring to you.

(Don’t worry–I promise to dish all the details of tonight’s hot date later this weekend!) 


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