Engaging all the senses – Bethany Hensel

There is something incredibly intoxicating about going to the symphony.  I used to try to explain it to friends, but I never could quite get the point across.  How do you explain the way the strings and winds somehow come together to create a sound that seems to pierce right through you?  How do you explain the way the low bellows of the horns just spread out over the entire theatre, reverberating in your chest and arms and soles of your feet?

And then I realized: it’s not something you can rightly put into words.  It’s an experience, one that must engage all the senses.  It’s not just about sound. 

I’ll never tire of seeing the PSO at Heinz Hall.  And as much as I’d love to expound more on the reasons why, I have to log off and get ready…because tonight, I’m going to Heinz Hall to see the PSO.

2 thoughts on “Engaging all the senses – Bethany Hensel”

  • I know that experience well, and well said!
    Imagine never having seen daylight, being in darkness your whole life, then suddenly, you are brought out into the fresh open air with sunlight in your hair and on your skin. To me that’s sort of like the difference between a live performance at the Symphony versus listening with a stereo.

  • I completely agree, Bethany! Isn’t it interesting how every person in Heinz Hall is listening to exactly the same music, yet each is having a unique experience? That’s surely one of the most fascinating facets that the symphony presents.

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