Pittsburgh Visit – September 2007 – Manfred Honeck

At the beginning of September I made only my fourth visit to the city of Pittsburgh.  It is amazing to think how different this trip was from my first one in the Spring of 2006, when I first appeared conducting this wonderful Pittsburgh Symphony. I remember the very first rehearsal well – there was an immediate relationship that I felt between myself and the musicians. Now, eighteen months later, I returned for my first ‘lessons’ in how to be the Music Director of this orchestra!

this trip, I was able to spend four days with my new family – the
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, learning how the staff works and what
each department does. I had to get to know the institution and all these wonderful people, to see what they are working on and their plans together. It was for me very important and also important for the people to see who their next music director is. These people are incredible and have an intense passion for their work.

also spent a good amount of time touring the entire building from the
kitchen to backstage, the administrative offices to my new office. It was a long and tiring day, but a wonderful day.

I was also able to spend time with the talented and hardworking musicians. I had the honor of conducting the orchestra during the preview concert on the sixth of September. The orchestra performed Johann Strauss’ Voices of Spring. This was my gift to the orchestra and to Pittsburgh. I wanted to bring something special from my country for my visit.

will write monthly about my travels, my guest appearances and my
thoughts on Pittsburgh.  I look forward to seeing you again in May!

4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Visit – September 2007 – Manfred Honeck”

  • How wonderful to hear directly from our new Music Director. It’s very interesting to learn of your getting familiar with the entire organization. I’m looking forward to the future reports. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

  • Wilkommen nochmal Maestro Manfred Honeck!
    We are pleased to have you a part of this great family of musicians. All the best to you and your family. Der “Geigenbauer” Phillip Injeian.

  • Maestro Honeck,
    You might have heard by now the phrase: “The PSO is the greatest secret in town”. In a way, it is true. Sports in Pittsburgh take “center stage” & are the “glue” of its citizens. I have high hopes that it will change (even a little bit will go a long way)with your arrival as Music Director.
    As a lover of classical music and a long time admirerer of the PSO I am looking with great anticipation to the next season. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait for May 9,07 to come along. The city will be in full bloom & Heinz Hall will be full to capacity!

  • Dear Maestro, I have heard so many wonderful things about you throughout my travels as guest artist with orchestras. I hope you enjoy your musical journeys with the PSO. They are indeed one of the best orchestras in the USA. My best wishes, Jeffrey Biegel

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